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I-70 Visualizations

The comment period for the proposed expansion of I-70 is now open and will end October 31st. It’s incredibly-important to 11 communities that are adjacent to I-70, ESPECIALLY Globeville, Elyria & Swansea. It’s also very important to all I-70 commuters and important to all CO taxpayers.

Our opportunity to cause change and protect these neighborhoods and the people we care about who are living in them is either now or not-in-the-next-50+-years due to a very long-term contract with a public–private partner for the proposed four toll lanes.

The just-released SEIS (Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement) is available here: http://www.i-70east.com/reports.html Some of it is interesting. Some is tough to read. Many people reading it have BIG concerns about what’s contained within it. You don’t need to read much to make well-informed comments – telling them NOT to proceed with their current plan and making it clear that you want them to study re-routing the freeway before making a final decision.

Want ideas of sample comments? Here is a list: http://unitenorthmetrodenver.com/comment-effectively/

Want to know how & where to make a comment [online, in-person, on the phone, via e-mail or snail-mail]: http://www.i-70east.com/comment-form.html

These visualizations have been created by both CDOT and opponents of the project in order to better illustrate the options for CDOT’s highway expansion project. Take a look:


I-70 currently, looking west. Colonial Motel and Swansea Elementary in the center. (Image created by CDOT).


A proposed widened, but still elevated, option [not CDOT’s preferred alternative]. Fewer houses and less of the Swansea Elementary playground is removed. (Image created by CDOT).


Here’s CDOT’s “cut & cover”, as proposed.
The freeway expands from its current 85 foot width to 274 feet in width, when counting the at-grade feeder lanes. That’s 3.2 times wider.
The cut is 8,200 feet long. The cover can’t exceed 900 feet (2 1/2 blocks). The cut will be 40 feet deep in some areas.
It’s a total of ten lanes of freeway, with four toll lanes, plus four additional feeder lanes that make-up for the loss of the Steele/Vasquez & York/Josephine exists.
The feeder lanes will be between 55 & 65 feet from the school building [CDOT’s figures in the SDEIS are inconsistent]. Note that the Swansea Elementary loses the existing playground on the south side and the end of the unventilated lid [its outlet for air-pollution] is very nearby. Many homes and businesses must be demolished.
CDOT is not proposing that CDOT does the landscaping on the lid. Instead, CDOT is looking to Denver Public Schools or City & County of Denver to landscape and maintain the lid. (Image created by CDOT).


here’s a rendering of the 46th Avenue Blvd, after a portion of the existing traffic is re-routed onto the current paths of I-270 & I-76.
The Colonial Motel and Swansea Elementary are in the center of the photo. No houses lost.
Significant new retail and development opportunities exist with approximately 80 acres, owned by the City, made available for new uses.
The halo-looking item is a bridge at the Platte River, just west of the Coliseum & National Western Stock Show Complex – a grand entrance into the NWSS Complex, the River, the RiNo District and the final leg into downtown coming from the airport.
What better way to say “welcome” to this wonderful part of Denver?

If you are interested in the I-70 re-route option and/or are against widening I-70 and would like more information, please send an email to contactus@unitenorthmetrodenver.com and ask to be placed on our email list. You can also find out more information on this subject as http://unitenorthmetrodenver.com/