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RESIST/Get Involved

Here’s how you can get involved and spread the word:

  • The Ditch the I70 Ditch RESISTANCE effort continues – with the legal efforts moving to the forefront! There are 3 legal challenges currently in play – and a 4th coming very soon! YOU CAN HELP!!

    1) CONTRIBUTE TO HELP FUND THE LEGAL RESISTANCE thru the Sierra Club – at this link: http://www.sierraclub.org/rocky-mountain-chapter/i-70-expansion-opposition
    2) Contact your state legislator and tell then you won’t be able to support HB17-1242, the proposed $3.5 BILLION new state transportation funding plan, unless CDOT comes around on the DITCH and RE-ROUTE! Find My Legislator: http://leg.colorado.gov/find-my-legislator THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND CONTINUING SUPPORT!!

  • Get at least ten of your neighbors, friends or family members to also send the comment.
  • Spread the word. Forward this as an e-mail.
  • Read the backgrounding materials including great case studies which are available at www.UniteNorthMetroDenver.com
  • Help with social media, with canvassing fliers to six to ten blocks [we’ll provide the fliers], reaching out to the media and talking to people you know who also have some connection to I-70.
  • If you can help, please send an e-mail to contactus@UniteNorthMetroDenver.com